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Crusher Iron Man Foe

Crusher (Iron Man foe)

Crusher (Iron Man foe) CRUSHER. Real Name: Caldwell Rozza. Identity/Class: Human (South American), mutate. Occupation: Scientist, Communist agent. Group Membership: None. Affiliations: Dictator of his home country. Enemies: Whitney Frost, Iron

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Crusher (Iron Man foe) Exploring, he discovered the abandoned base of Tyrannus, and used materials there to recreate the Crusher formula, then began to dig his way back to the surface for revenge on Iron Man. (Iron Man I#6) The Crusher finally reached the surface, and found the men who had smuggled him into America and forced them to help him to Stark Industries.

Crusher Marvel Database Fandom

Caldwell RozzaPrime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Juan ApontePrime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Crusher(Agent of Pluto)Prime Marvel Universe(Earth-616)Carl "Crusher" Creel"Crusher" HoganCrusher(Original Human Torch Foe)Prime Marvel

Iron Man #6 Vengeance Cries The Crusher! (Issue)

Using the centrifugal force device he uses it to make the Crusher weightless and carry his foe over the ocean and drop him there, where his massive bulk causes him to sink to the ocean's floor.

Invincible Iron Man #6 Review (Oct 1968) Vengeance!

Crusher slugs Iron Man forcing the hero to drop him into the ocean. As expected, Crusher’s extreme density protects him from harm as he hits the water’s surface—what he failed to reckon with is that his great weight pulls him so deep into the ocean that he is unable to swim back to

Tertiary Crusher Vs Iron Man

Iron Man Vol 1 6 Marvel Database Fandom Powered By When the Crusher attacks Stark Industries Whitney enters the building to try and steal one of Starks superweapons When Whitney is captured by the Crusher Jasper tries to save her forcing Iron Man to knock Sitwell out so that he can deal with the Crusher without anyone getting hurt

Iron Man Goes To A MMA Ring To Fight His Foe

Iron Man Goes To A MMA Ring, he finds out himself in an MMA ring encountering one of the most Oldest Avenger’s Foes, with a bloodthirsty secret behind their one-on-one battle. Tony Stark has decided to go back to his roots since reclaiming the Mantle of Iron Man, willing to use his old and classic armor instead of using his latest innovation with high technology gadgets.

Iron Man Characters Profile Index

IRON MAN CHARACTERS Accutech (Stark subsidiary) Actor (Iron Man foe) Acts of Vengeance (Loki's plot against all super-heroes) Adair, Val (SHIELD, Iron Man foe) Admirel Galen-Kor (Lunatic Legion) Advanced Genocide Mechanics (Iron Man foes) Ael-Dan (former Kree leader, Avengers character) by Markus Raymond

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Extrem Hardcore Backyard Wresling 2006 Present Iron Crusher Made his officle deute in 2006 were we was a domanite force stoping every on in his path were he beated formal friend/rival Bombtasic he partidtapated in a three night tornamed to crown a new